Dusko Jordanovski


Hi there. I'm a programmer living in Skopje, Macedonia. This is my bio/cv/resume page. I'm not a big fan of paper, but if you are - you can print this page.


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(Because writing is easier than making graphs)

I hope it's evident that I have a degree in economics. I didn't go for CS because frankly I had no idea what I wanted at the time. All I knew was that I liked numbers and games, and I thought that game theory is a big deal at the State University's economics program. I was wrong.

Somewhere around 2007 I landed a job at a local php shop in Skopje and ever since then I was hooked to programming. Since October 2009 I work for Quipu GmbH developing financial applications. The economics background turned out to be useful after all.

Some years ago I was dreaming about making a startup, but Macedonia is kind of a terrible place to do that. After a hard reality check and a year of having fun (visible in the graph) I switched to filling in my educational gaps in math and AI. I am now mostly hacking on weekend projects and advocating open technologies where I work.

On an unrelated note - I love philosophy, computer games and funk.


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